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PRCI - Pipeline Research Council International

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PRCI is a community of the world’s leading pipeline companies, and the vendors, service providers, equipment manufacturers, and other organizations supporting our industry. Since 1952, PRCI has been recognized around the world as a unique forum within the energy pipeline industry delivering great value to its members and the industry — both quantitative and qualitative — through the development and deployment of research solutions to the operational, maintenance, and regulatory challenges that face it.
PRCI is dedicated to assuring the maximum efficiency of research development and deployment through a highly-leveraged funding model of member and external funding, information sharing, cooperative project development, and the broad dissemination and application of its research results. Along with funding, the strength of the collaborative model stems from the contributions to PRCI of member technical and operations experts and the ongoing support to them from PRCI and their companies. It is this collaboration in the direction, implementation, and adoption of research that defines PRCI’s value to members and their organizations.
PRCI was established in 1952 as the Pipeline Research Committee of the American Gas Association to address the problem of long-running brittle fractures in natural gas transmission pipelines. In substantially solving that problem within two years, the Committee demonstrated the benefit of industry collaboration and leveraging voluntary industry funding.
With the commitment and technical expertise of its members, PRCI continues to develop dynamic research programs devoted to identifying, prioritizing, and implementing the industry’s core research objectives. As a result, PRCI has become a critical resource for all energy pipelines regardless of where they operate, how they operate, or the purpose of their operation.
Unique among all pipeline research organizations, PRCI brings together leading pipeline companies from around the world to engage in a collaborative process that is truly “of, by and for” the industry.
The collaboration achieved through PRCI member funding, and their additional contribution of resources and expertise, results in the development of pipeline industry research and technological advances that benefit member organizations and all energy users.
There are many examples of collaborative technology developments achieved by PRCI and its members for the global pipeline industry, providing the intelligence and expertise needed by the industry to continue reducing risks From and To pipelines. These are some of PRCI’s recent achievements, providing a foundation for the safe and reliable operation of the worldwide pipeline infrastructure.

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