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let's talk about ITU

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The international telecommunication union is an important specialized United Nations agency, is also the longest history in the United Nations agencies an international organization. Hereinafter referred to as "ITU,".ITU is charge of information and communication technology of the United Nations agency, is responsible for the allocation and management of radio spectrum and satellite orbit resource in the world, develop global telecommunications standards, telecom assistance to developing countries, promote the development of global telecom.Worldwide as a link between the governments and the private sector, the itu through its radio communications telecommunications exhibition, standardization, and development activities, and it is the information society world summit of the organizer.ITU is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, whose members include 193 member states and more than 700 members and departments associate members and members of the academic. Every year on May 17, is the World Telecommunication Day .
ITU's history can be traced back to 1865. In order to realize the international telegraph communication, on May 17, 1865, law, Germany, Russia, Italy, 20 European countries such as the representatives signed the convention on the international telegraph in Paris, the international telegraph union also proclaimed. With the development and the application of telephone and radio, the ITU's authority is widening. In 1906, Germany, Britain, France, the United States, the representative of the 27 countries signed the convention on the international wireless telegraph in Berlin. In 1932, representatives of more than 70 countries held a meeting in Madrid, Spain, the convention on the international telegram merged with the convention on the international wireless telegraphy, formulate the convention on the international telecommunications, and decided since January 1, 1934 officially renamed the "international telecommunication union." Subject to consent by the United Nations, on October 15, 1947, the international telecommunication union become a specialized agency of the United Nations, its headquarters moved from Bern, Switzerland to to Geneva.
ITUzation department, simplify the working methods, adopt more flexible way of collaboration, meet the market demand has become increasingly complex. Industry from all over the world, the public sector and research entity experts meet on a regular basis, to work out the complex technical specification, to ensure that all kinds of communication systems can be and constitute the complicated today ICT network and business network elements to realize seamless interoperability

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