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Everyone need to know abou ISO

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International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a global non-governmental organizations, is a very important in the area of International Standardization Organization..ISO is derived from the Greek ISOS ", namely "EQUAL", the meaning of equality.ISO international standards organization was founded in 1946, China is a full member of the ISO, represent China to participate in the ISO state agencies are China state bureau of technical supervision (CSBTS)
ISO is responsible for the most of the area (including military, oil, ships and other monopoly industries) of standardization activities.ISO 117 existing members, including 117 countries and regions.ISO once a year is the highest authority of the "general assembly", the daily office is the central secretariat, based in Geneva, Switzerland. The central secretariat, the existing staff of 170, led by the secretary general. ISO is the tenet of "promote the development of standardization and related activities in the world, in order to facilitate international exchange of goods and services, in the field of intellectual, scientific, technical and economic cooperation.ISO through its 2856 technical structure to carry out technical activities, including technical committee (SC), a total of 611 working group (WG), 2022, the task force 38. China in 1
International standardization organization headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, includes 162 member states. The group self defined as nongovernmental organizations (ngos), the official language is English, French and Russian. Participants including the member states of the national standards bodies and major companies. It is one of the world's largest non-governmental standardized specialized agency, is a very important in the area of international standardization organization.
ISO is an international organization for standardization, its members from more than 100 countries in the world of national standardization groups that represent China to participate in the ISO state agencies are China state bureau of technical supervision (CSBTS).ISO with the international electrotechnical commission (IEC) have close relations, China to IEC national institutions and the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine.ISO and IEC as a whole for the global consensus of the international standard task, ISO and IEC are government agencies, they formulate standards is essentially voluntary, which means that these standards must be excellent standards, they will give benefits to industry and services, so they consciously using these standards.ISO and IEC not UN agencies, but they are with the United Nations

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