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Know About NEMA

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NEMA was founded in 1926. The first American electronics manufacturing industry Association, founded in 1905, entitled electronic Manufacturers Association (Electrical Manufacturers Alliance: EMA), then renamed the Electrical Manufacturers Club (Electrical Manufacturers Club: EMC), the United States in 1908 Motor Manufacturers Association (American Association of Electric Motor Manufacturers: AAEMM) was established, and in 1919 changed its name to the Electric Power Club (Electric Power Club: EPC), Power supply equipment Manufacturers Association, 1915 (Associated Manufacturers of Electrical Supplies, AMES) was established, in 1916 the three organization joint Council of Electrical Manufacturers (Electrical Manufacturers Council: EMC).
Electric power club in 1926 merged with power supply equipment Manufacturers Association for the American Electrical Manufacturers Association (National Electrical Manufacturers Association), and Electrical Manufacturers council is dissolved. NEMA is composed of the 560 major electrical manufacturers, mainly by power generation, transmission, distribution and power applications of all kinds of equipment and device manufacturers. The purpose of the standards is to eliminate misunderstanding between electrical products manufacturers and users and application of the safety of these products. Its standardization activities involved in the scope is very broad, in addition to the above electrical products, including X ray device, such as standardization activities are mostly associated with other organizations, such as the American society for testing and materials (ASTM), Edison electric institute (EEI), the national fire protection association (NFPA), underwriters laboratories (UL) and the American institute of electrical and electronics engineers (IEEE) and other association, laboratory and government agencies.NEMA support and take an active part in the national standard

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