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IAPMO Certification

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IAPMO is a non-profit organization. IAPMO has long been engaged in building water supply and drainage industry, as well as building ventilation system of the safe use of the establishment of norms and standards, and to the related product testing and certification. The IAPMO R&T is specialized in product certification authority in the United States. Its service scope is mainly engineering construction of water supply and drainage pipe, indoor ventilation equipment, kitchen equipment, as well as the bathroom sanitary ware products.
IAPMO is an important member of the international council of pipeline. Due to the UPC code is widely used in many of the world's countries, makes the IAPMO has a solid international status. With the constant improvement of UPC code, as well as the international trade to the understanding and deepening of UPC codes, UPC specification issued by IAPMO will get more extensive recognition and application in the world.IAPMO certification standard classification.

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