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Working Procedure Of ANSI

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Due to the diversity of American society and state of liberalization, formed the unique decentralized standard system, in addition to enterprises, companies make standard, there are nearly 400 professional institutions and the society, association and release their professional standards, and has more than 580 organizations to participate in standardization activities.

The enterprise standardization work also started earlier, and is quite effective. With the expansion of the enterprise, the standardization of enterprise management agencies are also growing. Some standardization bodies belong to joint leadership, some are the design units or process unit leadership. Generally not foreign enterprise standards. Increased by 4% in 96 alone, the standard, the total number of 13056.

ANSI certification institution for products, quality system certification bodies, laboratories and the reviewers for recognition, for quality system certification and personnel qualification. ANSI the impartiality of the evaluation process by everybody, and the journal will review opinions on the ANSI. At the same time, to establish complaint mechanisms and management measures, in a timely manner to handle all complaint case.

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