IEEE P1861/D5.2, APRIL 2014 - DRAFT

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IEEE Draft Guide for On-site Acceptance Tests of Electrical Equipment and System Commissioning of 1000 kV AC and Above
STANDARD published by IEEE

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New IEEE Standard - Unapproved Draft. This guide applies to on-site acceptance tests of ultra-high voltage power equipment. It establishes criteria and requirements for test items, conditions, methods and results. The stated specifications and requirements, both technical and testing, are universally needed for acceptance tests on-site and commissioning of ultra-high voltage power equipment, including power transformers, reactors, capacitive voltage transformers, bushing-type current transformers, gas insulated switchgear, air insulated grounding switches, air insulated disconnecting switches, bushings, metal-oxide surge arresters, suspension insulators, post insulators, and insulating oil, etc. It will be sufficient for most installations.