API STD 612-2005

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ANSI/API Std 612-2005
Petroleum, Petrochemical and Natural Gas Industries-Steam Turbines-Special-purpose Applications, Sixth Edition
Edition: 6th
American Petroleum Institute / 01-Nov-2005 / 113 pages
This product replaces: API STD 612-2003
Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries — Steam turbines — Special purpose applications
This International Standard is based on API Std 612, fourth edition, June 1995.
Users of this International Standard should be aware that further or differing requirements may be needed for individual applications. This International Standard is not intended to inhibit a vendor from offering, or the purchaser from accepting, alternative equipment or engineering solutions for the individual application. This may be particularly appropriate where there is innovative or developing technology. Where an alternative is offered, the vendor should identify any variations from this International Standard and provide details.
This International Standard requires the purchaser to specify certain details and features.
This International Standard specifies requirements and gives recommendations for the design, materials,fabrication, inspection, testing and preparation for shipment of steam turbines for special-purpose applications.It also covers the related lube-oil systems, instrumentation, control systems and auxiliary equipment. It is not applicable to general-purpose steam turbines, which are covered in ISO 10436.
NOTE For the purpose of this provision, API Std 611 is equivalent to ISO 10436.