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Design and Operation of Subsea Production Systems - Subsea Structures and Manifolds, First Edition
STANDARD published 01/01/2013 by American Petroleum Institute

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Published: 01/01/2013
Number of Pages:69
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Full Description

This RP addresses recommendations for subsea structures and manifolds, within the frameworks set forth by recognized and accepted industry specifications and standards. As such, it does not supersede or eliminate any requirement imposed by any other industry specification.

This RP covers subsea manifolds and templates utilized for pressure control in both subsea production of oil and gas, and subsea injection services. Figure 1 is an example of such a subsea system.

Equipment within the scope of this RP is listed below:
a) the following structural components and piping systems of subsea production systems:
production and injection manifolds,
modular and integrated single satellite and multiwell templates,
subsea processing and subsea boosting stations,
flowline riser bases and export riser bases (FRB, ERB),
pipeline end manifolds (PLEM),
pipeline end terminations (PLET),
T- and Y-connection,
subsea isolation valve (SSIV);
b) the following structural components of subsea production system:
subsea controls and distribution structures,
other subsea structures;
c) protection structures associated with the above.

The following components and their applications are outside the scope of this RP:
pipeline and manifold valves;
flowline and tie-in connectors;
choke valves;
production control systems.